RRT constructs a new sandbag store

During a recent meeting with senior members of the Wilton Council it was mentioned that there was a need for a building to be erected for the storage of sandbags at the local Cricket pavilion.  As willing community members, the PBCC RRT offered to help out with the project which council were very grateful for.

Plymouth Brethren

Setting out for the Concrete base

As soon as the drawings were received RRT jumped straight into action.  A team of willing ground workers set off early one Saturday Morning to set up the timber shuttering for the concrete base, when all levels were accurate and the shuttering was prepared, they poured the concrete slab and troweled it off to a fine finish.

Plymouth Brethren RRT

Pouring the Concrete base

The following session saw an enthusiastic team of carpenters erect the timber frame building, cutting all materials to size and constructing a very strong frame which was bolted to the adjacent pavilion building for extra rigidity.

Trowelling the Concrete

Trowelling the Concrete

Finally after a hard day’s work, and as dusk was fast approaching, the roof sheets were securely fixed down, the timber shuttering was removed and the site was cleared up and handed back to the local Wilton Council – who were delighted with their brand new Sandbag storage shelter.  Let’s hope that the sandbags don’t need to come out from their new home over the next few months!

Plymouth Brethren

Calculating the rafter spacings

Plymouth Brethren

Securing roof to adjacent building

Plymouth Brethren

Roof Sheets now fixed

Plymouth Brethren

Final adjustments

Plymouth Brethren

Finished project

The RRT skilled team of builders set off home and are getting prepared for another RRT event – watch this space…!



11 thoughts on “RRT constructs a new sandbag store”

  1. uncle bob says:

    I think the gap was to allow for newts and frogs and other small fun animals to hibernate in the winter months.
    Wiltshire council go above and beyond when in comes to the natural habitats.

    1. Joyce says:

      Wondering why newts and such are fun? Good work RRT, Maybe they just didn’t want sandbags leaning against the wall of the building. A pile of sandbags is some weight and could, no doubt, do damage.

    2. Granny says:

      I would have thought that if sandbags were stacked against the wall, they could breach the damp course. Or is that too technical a comment for an old Granny??

  2. Roy Legg-Bagg says:

    We constructed the concrete pad exactly as per the Councils instructions and drawings, but I do agree it would have been more use if it was wider…

    1. Dopey says:

      Thanks Roy.

      Good work.

  3. joe bloggs says:

    good work guys….also a good idea.
    maybe we should look at doing that,
    keep it up

  4. Impressed! says:

    Thanks RRT – this is a great contribution to the local community!

  5. Granny says:

    Never ceases to amaze me what the RRT can turn their hand to!

  6. Dopey says:

    Just out of interest, why doesn’t the concrete pad butt up to the wall? Is there a reason for having a gap?

    Gr8 work tho…KIT! 🙂

    1. Andrew Steyn says:

      yeah. i was wondering exactly the same!
      Andrew Steyn

    2. pad says:

      probably to allow for drainage, avoid damp etc

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