RRT helps out with sandbagging for the Lancashire Flooding in the wake of Storm Eva

There were no relaxed walks this Boxing Day as, with 21 severe flood warnings and 235 flood warnings, Preston RRT prepared for the worst. (Most of the region was still clearing up from the effects of Storm Desmond only days before!) After a call to help a local resident and his neighbours, more than 70 sandbags were swiftly filled and distributed to prevent further flooding in the surrounding properties.

Residents gather round for sandbags

Residents gather round for sandbags

The team then moved round the surrounding low-lying area distributing sandbags to householders in danger of flooding including some elderly residents. Access to the rural properties was by 4×4 vehicle only and the team also assisted several unfortunate motorists whose cars had succumbed to the floodwaters.

The conditions on the roads surrounding the villages

The conditions on the roads surrounding the villages

The bulk of the emergency services were focussing on Preston itself as there was a very real danger the main flood defences on the River Ribble (which was at its highest levels recorded) could overflow with potentially disastrous consequences. This meant the rural communities were on their own. Fortunately, the defences held but some of the surrounding villages of Croston and Ribchester were not so lucky and many residents experienced severe flooding of their properties.

Another property protected

Another property protected

With further rain forecast that evening the RRT prepared for the next onslaught of weather. At first light the following morning sandbag filling commenced, but thankfully these were not required and were held at the ready for further incidents. The very kind donation of the bulk sand by a local landscaping supplies company was very much appreciated.

With over 600 properties evacuated, RRT’s thoughts and prayers are with those people whose homes were severely damaged around the county.

4 thoughts on “RRT helps out with sandbagging for the Lancashire Flooding in the wake of Storm Eva”

  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks a lot, all of you, great job.

  2. RRT GRANNY says:

    Always seems to be bad weather when you get called out.
    So congratulations all of you Preston RRT guys!

  3. V Brady says:

    Well done RRT!! Excellent team work there…
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Valerie says:

    Well done all sand baggers! Keep up the good work!

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