PBCC Public Outreach Day in Manchester

A slightly overcast day in September saw anotherPlymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) Outreach Day take place in Manchester. A previous event had already been held earlier in the year, with great success.

After evaluation and consideration, the Outreach Team opted for a venue change to accommodate September’s community event, moving the location to a hall which was closer to the city centre. This potentially afforded a larger public footfall and increased exposure for the event.

Plymouth Brethren - Public Outreach

The food area

The decision proved to be greatly beneficial and the enthusiastic team was inspired by the positive results that the Outreach Day generated. Over 60 people enjoyed an excellent BBQ meal together, with friendly conversation spanning all age ranges. Guests aged from a tiny nine-months-old up to 85-years-old.

Plymouth Brethren - Public Outreach

The smell o f the BBQ was a great attraction

The attendance of Paul Goggins, Labour MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East, was a welcome addition. He offered some positive words and a friendly smile for the occasion.

Plymouth Brethren - public Outreach

MP – Mr Paul Goggins with Members of the PBCC

the event progressed, the cloudy weather improved to some sunshine making an appearance. The excellent initiative of a well-situated ice-cream cart was a refreshing treat for those with a sweet tooth!

Plymouth Brethren - Public Outreach

Please can I have an ice cream

Everyone felt it had been a wonderful and worthwhile day: over 75 bibles were distributed to the public throughout the event. Many who attended felt deeply encouraged by the friendliness, happiness and encouragement experienced by the simple ability to be able to serve one another in love.

Plymouth Brethren - Public Outreach

Food to enjoy

Another positive result that followed on from the event was that the team had the privilege of seeing a family that enjoyed the Outreach Day; join them for an evening gospel meeting the following day.

The team was also asked by one child if the Outreach Day was something that could happen every Saturday! The team thought that was a lovely suggestion and felt joy in simply being present at such a successful community event.

Plymouth Brethren - Public Outreach

Great to see everyone relaxed and happy




8 thoughts on “PBCC Public Outreach Day in Manchester”

  1. james says:

    hi. is a great thing the pbcc

  2. Grandad says:

    wish we did sumfink like that here in sweden!…

    1. Granny says:

      Why not?

  3. Me says:

    Awesome day, hope we can do another soon, thanx to all those that came…enjoyed meeting you.

  4. Granny says:

    A very encouraging report. Looks like the change of venue was a great success.
    These days are so enjoyable with the interaction between church members and the local community, and a good opportunity to speak about our beliefs in a relaxed atmosphere. Well done!

  5. Ben Dover says:

    It was a most enjoyable and enlightening day. Thank you.

  6. John says:

    great! keep at it folks, I have been to one of these events the people were friendly and the food quality was excellent and it was free!!

  7. JL says:

    An excellent day – Many thanks to all who helped to make it so enjoyable.
    We are going for 100 next time!!

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