‘Major’ fire closes Staines town centre

A “major” fire closed Staines town centre after a blaze broke out in several industrial units. Homes were evacuated and about 100 firefighters tackled the blaze at the Renshaw Industrial Estate.

Lunch being started before the onslaught of fireman come

Lunch being started before the onslaught of fireman come

Residents reported a series of explosions through the night. The fire service said this was thought to be propane cylinders exploding. Three industrial buildings have been almost completely destroyed.
Surrey Fire and Rescue Service said the fire, which broke out shortly after midnight, was brought under control by the morning but specialist officers remained at the scene for most of the day.
The Rapid Relief Team were continuously serving the emergency services hot and cold drinks throughout the day along with bacon rolls for breakfast, pizza for lunch and subways for the evening meal – hot food was greatly appreciated as the temperature dropped throughout the day.

Tired Fireman enjoying pizzas at lunchtime.

Tired Fireman enjoying pizzas at lunchtime.

The Fire Brigade and emergency services were very appreciative and gave the following feedback.

“I have nothing but praise for the Plymouth Brethren RRT. I returned in the morning and asked immediately if I needed a drink. All day they supplied drinks and at lunch enough pizza to supply the crews and Police on scene. They couldn’t have done any more in my opinion and they are a fantastic asset to operations. This is the second time they have assisted and I have been at both jobs and been impressed both times.”

The food and drinks on Monday helped tremendously and you and the team should be proud of your part in resolving this incident in a timely manner.

Please pass on to all concerned our admiration and genuine appreciation for the support you gave to us and the community.”

Night draws in as evening meal is arranged

Night draws in as evening meal is arranged

8 thoughts on “‘Major’ fire closes Staines town centre”

  1. Windy says:

    Well done, once again RRT

    When was this fire?

    1. Mickb says:

      It broke out shortly after midnight on the 1st December 2014.


  2. Granny says:

    Looks like the RRT really deserve some of those fantastic kitted-out trailers that they have in some places. Makes helping out with the catering so much easier.
    Well done with the resources you currently have!

  3. biggles says:

    good one KEEP IT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Steffie says:

    Well done Warren and crew!

  5. Dopey says:

    Great job again RRT!! Must make the firefighters hard job a lot easier.

    Can anyone help me with my question? Why doesn’t the fireforce provide supplies for the firefighters? It seems if the good old RRT aren’t around, then the firefighters just end up hungry and thirsty.

    1. * says:

      That’s why we have teams like the RRT – to assist where needed! I guess they enjoy helping and in this hectic world we all need a hand. 🙂

  6. Charlotte says:

    Sympathies to all affected – I hope new business premises are found soon so you can get up and running again.
    Thank goodness for RRT!

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