Living Our Beliefs – Church

Each day, Brethren meet in purpose built churches, which are used only for Christian worship and not for secular or other activities.

Our meetings are based on Holy Scripture.  Selected scriptures from the Bible provide the subject for mutually conversational Bible readings, gospel sermons and addresses based on texts of Scripture.  We open and close our meetings with a prayer and the collective singing of a hymn.

Sunday (Lords day) is regarded as a special day, commencing with the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion) at 6am at local churches and thereafter the day is filled with Bible readings and preaching’s of the Gospel and the Word of God.  We also entertain Brethren in our homes for lunches and evening meals.

All Brethren Gospel Halls are separate freehold premises.  There are standard designs for all new church halls worldwide and we comply with local government requirements and local community considerations and concerns.  Public interaction events are held at all UK Brethren gospel halls, where a free lunch is available to all who visit, as well as free Bibles and Gospel literature.  Brethren would also proclaim the Glad Tidings on the streets in the communities they live, on a regular basis.

Our churches are approved by local government as places of worship.  Much care and expense is incurred to ensure that sufficient off street parking is provided and that the environment is cared for, respected and protected.

This short documentary gives a brief insight into church life, and also some very interesting opinions of well-known and respected non brethren who have visited PBCC gospel halls and have had to do with the Brethren.  We are sure you will find it both interesting and inspiring.

Living Our Beliefs – Church

7 thoughts on “Living Our Beliefs – Church”

  1. C. says:

    Excellent to hear Michael Nazir-Ali speaking up for the Brethren; a true champion of Christian values in this country. Thankyou.

  2. Highlander says:

    Where does the bible separate secular and sacred? Why do you revere your buildings – the people are the church after all?

    1. Lady Gray says:

      Don’t know where you got that idea from! We look after and respect our buildings in the same way as everyone is taught to respect a school, town hall, or any other useful public place. Definately, the people are the church and the buildings are just useful…

  3. Andrew says:

    Lovely to see so many happy families.

  4. BC says:

    Why is the Plymouth Brethren website so hard to open and close. Have heard others say the same. Seems to make the computer freeze up for some reason.

    1. CJ says:

      Must be your server or computer – fine for me 🙂

    2. Shooting star says:

      It’s fine for me too… Are u using chrome or Firefox? Might work better!! 🙂

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