IE – World Homeless Day in Dublin

On Monday evening 10th October 2016 RRT Dublin held an event in the middle of Dublin City centre. Marquees pitched, BBQ trailer set up, food prepared and lights on, RRT were ready to lend their hand in support of World Homeless Day 2016.


Setting up for the evening

World Homeless Day is an international day inaugurated in 2010, where people all over the world join forces to help people who are in the situation of homelessness. Due to many years of financial difficulties in Ireland, there are over 6000 people in a situation of homelessness. The vast majority of these people are in Dublin, where there are currently over 4000 people experiencing homelessness, with over 600 becoming newly homeless every 3 months. While there are many organisations dedicated to finding a solution to this problem, there are no quick answers and the Rapid Relief Team recognised the need to help in a practical, if small, way.

Having set up at 7pm the RRT worked through the evening until 10.30pm handing out freshly cooked burgers, water, crisps and hygiene packs.


RRT served meals for 3.5 hours through the evening

RRT worked with local charity groups “A Lending Hand” and “You’re Not Alone”. These charities have the goal to assist and help homeless people in Dublin in any way they can. They have a lot of experience working on the streets in Dublin and the RRT very much appreciated their presence and help in keeping control and making sure the evening went smoothly. Many thanks go to the teams who were there that evening.


RRT worked with 2 other charities for the event

Within the 3.5 hours there were 320 burgers handed out which the recipients, many of whom were homeless, were very glad and appreciative of. In conversations they had with team members, they expressed their thankfulness towards RRT; commenting that they had never experienced anything like it before. Some of them hadn’t eaten a burger in many years.


320 Burgers were served!

40 RRT Hygiene packs, containing basic supplies such as soap and toothbrushes, were also distributed throughout the evening with the help of the other charities present who aided to identify those with greater needs and who the packs would suit best.


Hygiene packs were also distributed

The Rapid Relief Team in the Republic of Ireland is very grateful to all the organisations and individuals who lent a hand to make a difference on World Homeless Day 2016 in Dublin city. RRT Dublin was very glad to be a part of this event, and we look forward to continuing to offer care and compassion to Dublin’s homeless people.