The Plymouth Brethren would like to extend their heartfelt sympathy to all those affected so suddenly by this tragic happening.

Plymouth Brethren - Clutha

 They would also like to thank so many people of Glasgow and businesses who donated food to help in the effort. From the baker in Govan who brought in pies, the Indian restaurant owner who brought in hot curries, supermarkets who donated food, the bank who sent a taxi loaded with provisions, to the members of the public who just dropped off something to help, without waiting for any recognition.

 As a police officer commented “this has gone a long way to restore my faith in human kindness”

Plymouth Brethren - Clutha

 As the tragic details of the helicopter crash in Glasgow unfolded the emergency services and the people of Glasgow did a magnificent job.  Behind the scenes, from 1.00am Saturday morning to the early hours of Monday morning the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church RRT (rapid relief team) provided hot food and drinks to the Police and other emergency services at their temporary base in the Sheriff Court.

Plymouth Brethren - Clutha

 The figures show the scale of the operation and the number of emergency personnel involved. 750 hot bacon rolls, 1000 chocolate bars and well over 1,000 hot drinks were served to members of the police, ambulance and fire services. They lost their own colleagues whom they regarded as family, yet they still managed a smile and many expressions of appreciation as they were handed refreshments.

Plymouth Brethren - Clutha

Further details on the RRT teams work at this incident will follow shortly.

Plymouth Brethen - Clutha

Plymouth Brethren - Thank you

Alan Smith

Plymouth Brethren - Thank YouDavy



  1. Lannia says:

    good job RRT!! good to see you are happy to help others in need!

  2. TALK says:

    I wonder if the London RRT is helping tonight – the Apollo Theatre’s roof has collapsed and I see it’s reported 65 persons have been injured…….

  3. HH says:

    Thinking of all those affected by this tradegy.
    Unbelievable what the emergency services have to face at these incidents –
    we rely on them, so thank you RRT for providing support in the way of refreshments and morale to help them in these difficult situations.

  4. Excellent work! Was wondering if we’d hear something about this tragic accident. Must have been a challenge for you all, especially as the emergency services themselves were affected by the tragedy. Be glad to hear about it all a bit more in due course, as the article states. Keep smiling!

  5. manalive! says:

    This is incredible- I give my support to all you lot who started at 1am on saturday morning!

  6. Granny says:

    Very affecting letters! And a very well done to the RRT in Glasgow and their colleagues who helped at this tragic incident. We were praying you through. I expect it was pretty cold weather so no wonder the hot rolls and hot drinks were appreciated.
    Best wishes from south of the border to you all.

  7. ZooKeeper says:

    Thanks very much for putting this blog on. Great work guys.

  8. Auntique says:

    Thanks RRT for your help in this crisis and also to the emergency services for continuing steadily through the difficult situation with your own involved. Tough in any circumstance but especially so in this case. Glad the RRT came through!! 🙂

  9. TALK says:

    Thank you Admin for posting this! An absolutely tragic incident – with the emergency services again perfoming brilliantly – really great to see what the PBCC is doing to support them. Well done Glasgow and Kilmarnock RRT, we’ve been thinking of you and so glad to see pictures and comments.

  10. Brookside says:

    Well done RRT – when we heard about this tragedy, we assumed that the Glasgow RRT would be there helping! And they were, and they did an incredible job – thank you.

  11. Cedar says:

    So glad you were able to be there to support the Emergency Services at this tragic accident and loss of life. Our thoughts and sympathy are with all those affected, especially those that have lost loved ones.

  12. B says:

    Having worked a number of shifts at this tragic incident, and being a citizen of the city I would like to pass on my sympathy to all those that lost loved ones. It was my immense privilege to be part of this team to provide refreshments and food to those working in extremely difficult circumstances on the front line.

  13. fergie says:

    Can you give us details of what the actual incident was that the PBCC were helping at??

    1. B says:

      As it says more is coming………..check again shortly……..

    2. Derek says:


      A helicopter crashed into a crowded night club with several fatalities.
      Well done Glasgow RRT for the support

    3. Me says:

      Clutha Pub with 120 people inside including a live band.

    4. fergie says:

      thanks, that helps to put the Glasgow RRT response into perspective!

      excellent work, we are thinking of you all

  14. BertieWooster says:

    Top work RRT Glasgow… and the emergency services at this tragic incident.
    no doubt it was freezing cold as well so a hot drink or snack would certainly be v welcome.

    1. Anonymous says:

      But no say from you lot or prayers for the loss of life. And for their familys All you talk about how good you were.

    2. C says:

      Anonymous, didn’t you read the first line of this article? Words fail in the face of a horrendous tragedy like this – actions speak louder, and that is where the RRT came in.

    3. the cat says:


      that goes with out saying. everyone would of thought of those affected.

    4. dogs and cats says:

      “The Plymouth Brethren would like to extend their heartfelt sympathy to all those affected so suddenly by this tragic happening”

      ?? that includes prayers.

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