Congratulations to our High Achievers!

Plymouth Brethren - High Achievers

The PBCC have always believed that hard work brings success at school and in postgraduate studies, so we wanted to take the opportunity to recognise the outstanding results of some of our students in recent months.

Focus Schools (the trust set up to run the schools that PBCC students attend) has had a long history of excellent results and above average reports from the Schools Inspection Service, and this is reflected in the attitude of the students to learning.  Below is an extract from some inspiring comments made by one of the students, Rohanna Birch, who achieved 10 A*’s and 2 A’s in her GCSE’s.

‘I think the key to success and achieving good grades is based on an individual desire together with an atmosphere of wanting to learn and do your best possible.  This is actively promoted by our teachers, trustees, parents and peers.

In year 9, our maths teacher gave us all a target and a dream target – this inspired me to do the same for the rest of my subjects.  I set out to achieve my dream target in everything I was studying.  It meant hard work, getting up early in the morning, committing myself to work before school, at school and after school.  And with the help and support of all those around me, particularly the teachers, it meant I was able to reach my personal goal of getting all A grades or above, completing my GCSE’s with 10 A*s and 2 A’s.

Above all, I think as students, we need to be willing to study hard, not only in lessons, but also at home to give ourselves the best possible chance to succeed in our school career.  Remember… we only have ONE chance to learn all we can at school – make the most of it!  If it’s the only thing you do during your school life, stretch yourself to become a high achiever.  Although it may seem difficult at the time, it will be well worthwhile in the future…’

Other high achievers in GCSE’s this year were;

Constance Harris – 10 A* grades.

Hayley Smith – 6A* grades, 5 A’s and 1B.

Kylie Deayton – 4A*’s and 5 A’s.

Josiah Fleet –  6A*’s and 4 A’s.

Nathan Bricknell – 6A*’s and 4 A’s,

Scott O’Prey – 4A*s, 4 A’s and 2 B’s.

This is fantastic and may you all continue on to excel in your A-levels!

Students then go on to complete years 12 and 13 culminating in A-levels and this year there have been some incredible results:

Victoria Atmore – 5A* grades, 1A and 1B

Daniel Hughes – 1A* and 4A’s plus a distinction in Grade 8 on the saxophone!

Murray Gates – 1A* and 4A’s and a B.

Rory Carron – 2A’s and 2B’s.

One student decided to take A-level maths early (Clayton Southall – year 10) and got an A!

We’d like to give the above a hearty round of applause – you’re an inspiration to those still at school to follow your example, and to many of us in middle age who wish we’d tried harder!

And when the students finish school – this is not the end of their learning.  They are encouraged to take up Postgraduate Studies so that they can earn while they learn, and go on to gain degree equivalent qualifications.  One such example is Tina Joynt from Ireland, who came seventh in the world and first in the country at a professional level Accountancy examination! Congratulations Tina – we wish you all the best in your ongoing studies!

We encourage all viewers of this article to blog in your congratulations to these students – they deserve every one!

Plymouth Brethren - High Achievers

We would like to thank everyone for their blogs. We want to make it very clear that though these individuals have done incredibly well, this is, as others have said not only about grades. There are many pupils in our schools around the world who have worked extremely hard and excelled to prove they can learn how to learn and do the very best they can. 

We have only named persons on this blog to show how through that sheer dedication we can achieve outstanding results. We can say that if you are looking at this, and have put your all into your work but not achieved this level of grade, do not be discouraged, you are still a high achiever. Being an achiever is about being able to set yourself to achieve something and hitting your goal, being a finisher!

Everyone is very aware that we all have different abilities as someone has referred to, these are God given, but to achieve any grade beyond what you thought was possible, is an excellent achievement. So for all of you who have done this, but haven’t been mentioned on this blog, we would like to say WELL DONE!! your work ethic and achievements will NOT have gone unnoticed. 

294 thoughts on “Congratulations to our High Achievers!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations all!

  2. PBCC Person says:

    By the way I think Nathan Briknell achieved 6 A*s and 5A s

  3. lemon zest says:

    Hey Rohanna!
    Congratulations fur deine Noten…sie sind die Ergebnis auf alle die harte Arbeit. (gute deutsch!)
    Ich hoffe, dass deine Deutsch AS OK geht…gib es Bohnen und mange tout.

  4. Hippo says:

    Well done all to all the high achievers. Keep going those who can’t get good grades…I personally have a much higher regard for someone who knew that they had done their best and got a lower grade than someone who passes with A*s effortlessly…then you really feel as if you have done something!!

    1. carrot graterz says:

      Actually, most if not all of the A* grades didn’t come effortlessly – they were the well deserved result of hard slog…”always give praise where praise is due” – so don’t just dismiss the high achievers because they did well!!

    2. Hippo says:

      Sorry I wasn’t meaning to dismiss any high achevers who worked hard, I was just trying to encourage those who don’t do as well to try their best!

    3. Hey there...!!! says:

      I agree with Carrot thingmey-I can tell u know that getting A*s or As aren’t easy-and it takes a lot of work.
      However-I also give my encouragment to everybody that isn’t an A/A* student but tries, coz I’m tellin’ ya-it feels great to know that u actually tried
      I hope everybody here feels motivated to achieve what there best-coz I certainly am!
      Anyway, I’ve got a speaking exam in a few days….!!!!! (better start looking in my bag for the notes!)

    4. Hey there...!!! (Oxford dictionary?!) says:

      Sorry about mi spelling in the last 1!!!! I’m almost cringed!!?? (not me)

    5. Hey there...!!! says:

      I agree with the carrot thingy-an A* doesn’t come easily, and for the few that I’ve gathered, I know that they take hours/days of studying.
      However, for those that don’t get quite the same grades, if you’ve been trying then your an achiever-and it feels great knowing that you got your best grade.
      I hope the bloggers on here feel motivated to achieve, and I for one, certainly am.
      Anyway, I’ve got to look for my notes-I’ve got a french exam in a few days…!!!!

    6. Hippo says:

      I am sorry for any misunderstanding. Do not get me wrong…I realise that A’sand A*’s require hard work. I was simply trying to encourage those who cannot achieve high marks to try their best anyway. Sorry if I came across inappreciative of the hard work that these high achievers put in, and well done to them all!

    7. Policeman Plod says:

      eh hang on…… I can see wot ‘Hippo’ means by that…………….but still it does take a lot of 4:30am’s etc to get ur A*……………better get going with the 4:30am’s I spose……..

    8. Noddy says:

      Policeman Plod, I wish I could be as enthused as that! I don’t do mornings but if you want to get stuff done I suppose it’s the way to do it!

    9. Policeman Plod says:

      Yeah well better than staying up till midnight….are u one of these people who get A* effortlessly then? 🙂

    10. Colleague says:

      Just a point on the ‘Brainy Bofs’ stuff…. Daniel was predicted very mediocre grades right up until Y11.. (C’s and D’s accross the board)… it is only a result of sheer hard work and dedication that uts him into this group of high achievers….

      Tell yourself (or be told by your parents) that you will never be a high achiever and you surely never will be…

      Keep it up all – the employers out there spot you early and the slog is well worth it.. it pays 🙂

    11. RSD says:

      These results couldn’t have been achieved just by brains – an incredible amount of work is necessary to get good results for so many exams in one go. I was considered one of the brainiest ones in my class and I did one GCSE at age 13 and one at age 14, both achieving A*. When I got to year 11 I decided I didn’t want to work hard any more and for the 7 GCSE’s I did that year, I got mainly B’s and one E. This was the combination of very low graded coursework (because I hadn’t tried) but high exam results (because I could wing it to a certain extent on the day). This is an example of a non-achiever that could have done so much better!
      Respect to all those named and MANY others who put in effort, regardless of what brains they have.

  5. almost done says:

    Hey!!! I first want to say a HUGE congrats to all of you awesome achievers!! You guys really have done an awesome job. I have only ever received one A and I hope to get some A*’s this year. Can you tell me what your secret is??? I want to get as good as I can since im in my last year. To those of you who struggle and still make it through, congrats to you as well. Our school has students who struggle but they still rise above their challenges and keep trying. Awesome Job to ALL students!!!

    1. Hey there...!!! says:

      4.30 is the way forward! even though I’m not quite there-YET!!!
      The early worm catches the bird!….em, yep!
      Seriously, I feel the edge of your word, and if someone had a sensible answer to your question then it would be appreciated from all fronts (certainly mine)
      Well done by the way-an A is pretty good, I’m fine for past papers, but the annoying thing is often I run out of time-any solutions? (P2A)
      Anyway, have a weep studying…..

    2. almost done says:

      Yeah…same here…the 4:30 thing is a real struggle for me…i seem to be attracted to the snooze button alot…:(
      thnx…i was sooooooo stoked when I got that…i can’t help with the time thing…i’m always running out of time too…i think having a schedule works good if you can keep to it…
      yes… i will…only got four exams this year as opposed to 7 from last year…it was a total mess trying to study for all of them…
      Anyways, everybody keep up the awesome work and please give some shout outs about what your secrets are!!!

    3. rigby says:

      just 4 the info, Marcus Norman got 10 A*s and there maybe others who aren’t commended on here so HURRAY 4 them too…

  6. Focus Girl says:

    Gr8. I got a B in food (3 marks of an A in the exam 10 off in coursework and 3 of an A* overall I got an A overall

  7. RouxbeGirl says:

    Very excited to hear about your prestigious award!!!
    Come see us in K-ville soon!

  8. RDP says:

    Fantastic results – an example to us all.

  9. Bungle says:

    Well done Clayton!! i never got my head round maths so thats some achievement! for those who are trying their best but didnt get on this list, keep going!!

  10. 6 packer says:

    tina u r a doll!!! the best out of all the west..
    well dun..keep giving it beans

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