Bognor Regis Springfield Choir performs at two nursing homes

Plymouth Brethren Choir

The residents of the nursing homes in Bognor were treated to an hour of live music when around 25 young members of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church came in early February to bring cheer and refreshment to these old peoples’ lives. The choir, after months of rehearsals, gave a pleasing performance that left the residents begging for more. Staff and residents were equally appreciative “They haven’t stopped talking about it since” said one of the staff, several weeks after the event. “When can you come back?”

Plymouth Brethren Choir

So three months later during May, they did just that – the young people returned to Sussex Down Care Home, an ex-RAF home, set in the South Downs at Storrington, to perform again, with an increased repertoire of 15 songs. The choir sang a selection of well-known songs and hymns, which included many of the old favourites which they could – and did – join in with, such as We’ll Meet Again and The White Cliffs of Dover, and hymns such as The Lord is my Shepherd and The Glory of the Lord. It was once again received with delight by residents and staff alike. After the performance the choir distributed bibles and gifts to many of the residents.

Plymouth Brethren Choir

“It is so kind of you young people to come and sing to us oldies” was the comment from one old lady. “The music was wonderful. It’s made my week.” And it was an excellent opportunity for that most basic Christian practice of doing something for others. The short clip attached shows the choir in action – we hope you enjoy it!


Springfield Choir 08.02.14

Springfield Choir 24.05.2014

One Voice

King of Kings

And the Glory of the Lord

Brother James’Air

California Dreamin’

Give Me Wings


My Tribute

Redeemer and King

The Old Rugged Cross

The White Cliffs of Dover

We’ll meet again

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  1. My Tribute says:

    Please could we have the words for My tribute too, please ..

  2. CLB says:

    It sounded absolutely spiffing – especially Leana!?1?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. : ) says:

    Awesome job!! Just wondering if there’s a way to download the songs somehow?

  4. GH says:

    Way to go Cuz jake 🙂 …From Canada!

  5. Anon. says:

    Wow – Excellent teamwork…keep it up! 🙂

  6. Winckle says:


    Keep it up, this is one of the best Choirs I have heard on this website!

    A good variety of tunes & songs

    This must have made and uplifted everyone’s day

    Its good to see Mr Clarke keeping his hand in with the conducting, keep it up Mr Clarke! you did a good job!

    The harmony is very good, good to see so many involved, may you go from strength to strength!

    This is another true example of TEAMWORK!

    Well done and please keep it up, it is a very generous and unselfish way of making and uplifting peoples days especially in that kind of environment and also a good and worthwhile occupation for the young.

  7. petter says:

    Good work!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep it up!!!!!!!!

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    we will rejoyce!!!
    hav fun

  9. anyone says:

    Please can we have the words for One Voice.

  10. ?1? says:

    who is the girl that sings a solo she has an amazing voice!!!!!!

  11. PAW says:

    Excellent work and singing, would love to have a download of the singing.

  12. AUS says:

    Well done – love the “One Voice” songs…awesome voices !!! Keep it up

  13. Shooting star says:

    This is really wonderful…!!!!!! Thanx for all those songs.

  14. Io says:

    Could we have links to download them ?

    CHEERS !

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    Please could we have the words for “Give me Wings”
    Thank you

    1. wobbly says:

      yeah sure here they are

  16. Gwen says:

    Absolutely brilliant! Alot of practice must have gone in to this choir! Well done all of you for bringing cheer to these older people! Keep it up!

  17. Eric says:

    Well done everyone, great singing, and it must have given the residents such a lift!

  18. jbmummy says:

    Beautiful – amazing what can be achieved by the human voice and for such a good cause – very refreshing to hear about this.

  19. cockroach says:

    jolly good for so few singing……..!!!!

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    gr8 singing….is there any way we can download these???

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